GripSafe®ST Pipe Reinforcement Device

GripSafe®ST Pipe Reinforcement Device (PRD)

Highly Recommended for Use, Particularly on Thin-Walled Pipes. (ie., Schedule 10)

The Pipe Reinforcement Device (PRD), designed for pipe pressure testing, is a crucial tool that secures itself around the outer diameter of the pipe, effectively preventing any expansion of the pipe wall during pressure testing procedures. Crafted with precision and durability, this clamp is engineered to withstand the forces generated during pressure tests, ensuring the integrity of the testing process. Its design enables a tight grip on the pipe, creating a seal that restricts any outward expansion, thereby allowing for accurate pressure measurements. This device plays a pivotal role in maintaining the structural integrity of the pipe system under examination, offering reliability and confidence in the results obtained during pressure testing scenarios.

USA-Industries-4-in-Pipe Reinforcement Devices PRD-Side-1
USA-Industries-4-in-Pipe Reinforcement Devices PRD-Overhead-1
USA-Industries-14-in-Pipe Reinforcement Device PRD-Overhead-cropped

Key Benefits:

  • Adds strength and support to thin walled pipe, such as Schedule 10, etc.
  • Can be used as a rounding tool to bring out-of-round pipe back within concentric tolerances

Key Features:

  • Standard safety gag feature
  • Lightweight aluminum material for ease of installation
  • Robust and rubbed design
  • Available from 4" to 36"*
  • Non-marring of pipe O.D.

*Larger sizes available upon request