EZ Vent-Purge® Slip Blind

The EZ Vent-Purge Blind Combines the Benefits of the EZ Purge & EZ Vent Slip Blinds into One Tool

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The EZ Vent-Purge slip blind  combines the benefits of the EZ Vent® and EZ Purge® blinds into one tool! Safely purge the line when performing "Hot Work" using the Purge side. Subsequently bleed and control dangerous pressure or upstream fluids using the Vent side. The EZ Vent-Purge combo will save you time and money by combining these two useful blinds into a single combination blind!

EZ Vent Details

The EZ Vent blocks flow on one side of the blind while allowing access to relieve or purge the other side. Because of this, downstream work is much safer in the event of a leaking valve upstream. The EZ Vent Slip Blind is the easiest way to verify there is zero energy in the line, to vent off pressure that has leaked by upstream valves, and creates an entry point for hydrotesting.

EZ Purge Details

The EZ Purge slip blind creates a "stand off" area at the flange site that allows for line purging. The blind seals evenly, resulting in no damage to flange gasket surfaces often associated with the dated practice of using wedges, tubing, or other metals to create space between the blind and flange.


  • Vent one side of your flange while purging the other side
  • Multiple Ports can be added, venting one or both sides
  • Safer, quicker and easier than traditional practices
  • Prevents damage to flanges from makeshift spacers


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