Tube Plugs for Heat Exchangers, Boilers & Condensers

Over time, heat exchanger tubes may develop leaks due to corrossion, erosion, or other forms of degredation. Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs are used to seal off tubes that have developed leaks, preventing the exchange of fluids between the tubes and ensuring the integrity of the heat exchanger.

We manufacture and stock a huge volume of our exclusive engineered Snap It® Jr. and Sr. tube plugs, in addition to our metal tapered plugs in carbon steel, stainless steel and brass. Need something out of the ordinary? USA Industries can custom make your plugs to the exact material and size requirements you need.

Snap It Jr. Tube Plugs

Snap It Sr. Tube Plugs

Snap It Tools Kit

Metal Tapered

Two-Piece Metal Tapered

Rubber Expandable (Low & High Pressure)

Threaded Metal Tapered



Phenolic / Fiber / Wood

Zinc Anode / Marine Zinc / Pencil Zinc


  1. Tube Leaks. Inserting a tube plug in a leaking tube can isolate the problematic tube and prevent further leakage. This will allow the heat exchanger to continue operating without requiring immediate shutdown.
  2. Tube Cleaning. Tube plugs can be inserted into selected tubes during maintenance or cleaning to prevent cleaning solutions or debris from entering those tubes. This will ensure thorough cleaning of the remaining tubes.
  3. Tube Replacement. When a tube needs to be replaced due to corrosion, erosion, or other factors, a tube plug can be used to isolate the tube being replaced. Subsequently, the rest of the heat exchanger can remain operational.
  4. Pressure Testing. Tube plugs can be used to isolate specific tubes during pressure testing to check for leaks, or to verify the integrity of the heat exchanger.
  5. Temporary Shutdown. In cases where a section of the heat exchanger needs to be temporarily taken out of service, tube plugs can isolate the affected tubes while the rest of the heat exchanger remains operational.

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