Tube Guides, Hole Brushes, Tube End Flares & Micrometers

Accessories to ensure a quick and painless tube installation process


Tube Guides

Tube Guides are designed to protect the tube ends from damage while guiding them thru the tube sheet and baffles. They fit easily into the tube end with a replaceable nylon brush which also cleans the inside of the tube prior to expanding. Available for 1/2" through 3" O.D. tubes.


Tube Sheet Hole Brush

Tube sheet hole brushes are used to clean the inside of a tube sheet's holes prior to expanding the tube, so that you have a clean surface to work on, preventing any issues during expansion. Hole brushes, are available for 1/4" through 3" O.D. tubes and in carbon or stainless steel.

Tube Flaring Tool

Tube End Flares

Tube end flares are used flare the inside of a heat exchanger, condenser or chiller's tubes after expanding. Tube end flares are available for 1/4" through 5" O.D. tubes.