Push Cutter Internal Tube Cutter & Replacement Bits

Quickly cut tubes in the toughest applications

Push Cutter Internal Tube Cutter & Replacements

Push Type Internal Tube Cutter

Product Description

The push type cutter is used to quickly cut tubes in large numbers, they are especially suited for toughest tube cutting applications such as stainless steel, inconel, monel, titanium and more.

The unit can be used with any drill or one of our driving units with the cutting speed regulated for your particular tube material to maximize the cutters life.

To operate, adjust the collar depth, insert it into the tube, apply power, press inward and the tube will be cut in a few seconds.

This internal tube cutter, is available for tubes with an OD of 5/8" thru 11/2" and works for all gauges of tube. Bits are easily removed, and made from high quality tool steel, hardened and coated with titanium nitrate to provide maximum retention of it's cutting edge.

Push cutters are available with our standard 4" reach, but can utilize longer sizes when necessary. Available reaches include: Standard (4"), A (6"), B (8"), C (10").