EZ Store Blind Flange Rack™

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EZ Store Blind Flange Racks Storage Solutions
EZ Store Blind Flange Racks Storage Solutions

For industrial plants, managing the storage, transportation, and minimizing loss of numerous blind flanges has always posed challenges. USA Industries stands out as the Best in Class choice for purchasing and renting blind flanges across various piping sizes. Now, we introduce a comprehensive storage solution for your site inventory of blind flanges. The EZ Store Blind Flange Rack aims to provide active job sites with a stable and organized storage solution for rented or purchased inventories before, during, and after turnarounds, maintenance jobs, or projects.


  • Safety: Keeping blind flanges stored in a designated area reduces the risk of accidents or injuries that could occur if they were scattered around the work area. A storage rack helps maintain a clean and organized workspace, minimizing the chance of tripping hazards or blind flange mishandling.
  • Organization: Storing blind flanges on a dedicated rack keeps them organized and easily accessible when needed, reducing the time spent searching for the right size or type of blind.
  • Space Management: A storage rack provides a designated space to store blinds vertically, optimizing the use of space in your facility.
  • Protection: Storing blind flanges on a rack helps protect them from damage or deformation that could occur if they were stored haphazardly or stacked on top of each other.
  • Inventory Management: A blind flange storage rack makes it easier to track inventory levels, identify when replacements are needed, and prevent shortages during critical maintenance or shutdown periods.
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