USA Industries presents our Exclusive Snap It® Engineered Tube Plugs

These mechanical tube plugs are ASME PCC-2* compliant, and are simply the best solution for permanently sealing leaking tubes in heat exchangers, boilers, and condensers. They are designed with an external set of serrated rings that ensure a secure helium leak-tight seal, even amidst extreme thermal and pressure changes. Installed hydraulically, Snap It Engineered Tube Plugs ensure consistent, controlled installations in a matter of minutes. Due to the mechanical tube plugs ease of installation, operator fatigue is dramatically reduced, while safeguarding tubes, tubesheets, and adjacent components structural integrity. Snap It Engineered Tube Plugs deliver pressure ratings up to 7,000 PSID.

Snap It Jr. Tube Plugs
Rated up to 1,000 PSID

Snap It Sr. Tube Plugs
Rated up to 7,000 PSID

Snap It Tools Kit


  • Ideal for medium and high-pressure applications
  • Maximum Pressure: up to 7,000 PSI (Sr. models)
  • Requires NO welding
  • NO damage to tubesheet
  • Materials: Stainless, Carbon Steel, Brass, Titanium, and more
  • Lot tested and strict quality assurance controls
  • ASME PCC-2 compliant

Snap It Plugs must be installed exclusively within the rolled section of the tubesheet. If the tubes are not rolled into the tubesheet, contact USA Industries at 1-888-299-2155 for guidance before proceeding further. Before installation, eliminate any scale and pitting using USA Industries’ Snap It Brushes. Additionally, ensure that any weld droop is removed prior to plug installation.

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