EZ Purge® Paddle Blind

Safely purge without risking equipment damage - Available to Rent or Purchase.


USA Industries offers the EZ Purge slip blind as a safe and modern alternative to the outdated line purging practice involving a slip blind and spacers, which poses safety risks and equipment damage.

The EZ Purge slip blind creates a "standoff" area at the flange site for line purging. It seals evenly, preventing damage to flange gasket surfaces caused by wedges, tubing, or other metals used to create space.


  • Safer, quicker and easier than traditional purging methods
  • Prevents damage to flanges from makeshift spacers
  • The EZ Purge slip blind is easy to recognize with its unique handle shape and color coding.
  • The standard version is 1/2" thick with a 1/4" deep channel, available in widths of 3/4", 1", or 1 1/2", depending on the size of the blind.
  • The ratio of the area covered by the gasket to the purge area is about 50%, ensuring proper sealing.
  • Sizes range from 1/2" to 96" with flange classes from 150# to 2500#.
  • The blinds are painted black and labeled with size and rating for quick identification.
  • Custom configurations are offered to match specific purge flow requirements.
  • In-stock orders are shipped on the same day they're placed.
Frequently Asked Questions