Get Paddle Blinds, Blind Flanges, and Blind Storage Racks

As blind specialists, we stand as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of hydroblind solutions for piping systems along the Gulf Coast.

  • MTR'S available
  • Series "A" & Series "B" in stock
  • Any thickness, rating, and alloy available
  • Carbon steel blinds coated with black primer
  • Rapid custom machining capability
  • Pickup or delivery options
  • Standard materials: SA516 Gr.70, 304 SS, and 316 SS
  • Paddle Blinds & Blind Flanges produced in strict accordance with codes: ASME B16.48, ASME B16.47 (>24"), ASME B16.5, ASME B16.2

Paddle Blinds

Spectacle Blind

Paddle Spacer Blind

Vented or Ported Blinds

Purge Blinds
(EZ Purge®)

Vented/Purge Blind Combo
(EZ Vent-Purge®)

Blind Flange

Paddle Blind Storage Rack
(EZ Lock Blind Rack®)

PSV Rack

PSV Guillotine Blind
(EZ Guillotine™)

Blind Thickness Chart

Pipe Schedule Chart

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