Flange Weld Test (FTP) Pipe Plugs

Clear, Purge, Weld and Test Lines - Available to rent or purchase.


The Flange Weld Test Plug (FTP) by USA Industries simplifies the welding process by allowing you to monitor conditions, isolate and purge the weld area, and complete the weld and hydrotest to meet code requirements—all with one tool. The FTP features a high-lift seal that expands, providing a greater seal-to-pipe clearance. This eliminates the need to grind excess root penetration, making it convenient to move past the weld.

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  • Line sizes 3/4" to 24" stocked
  • Flange ratings 150# - 2500#
  • Raised-Face (RF) or Ring-Type-Joint (RTJ) Availability
  • Faster pipe repairs and retrofits
  • Safe and easy installation and testing
  • Minimal water use, less handling and waste
  • Reduces testing, downtime, waste disposal costs
  • Easily accommodates different pipe schedules

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