Leak Detectors & Tube Testing Equipment

Heat exchanger leak detectors are the easiest way to check your heat exchanger, condenser or other tubular pressure vessels for leaks in just seconds. Accurately pinpoint the leaking tube that's causing costly downtime the first time you leak test, every time you leak test.

We manufacture our vacuum leak detector to fit tubes from 1/4" to 3" O.D. without requiring retooling. We also offer accessories that allow this tool to work with tubes up to 6" in diameter.

To operate, simply seal off one end of each tube with a rubber plug, press your leak detector tool into the other end, and press the trigger. It's that easy to accurately and instantly identify which tubes are leaking.

VLD 2500 - Vacuum Leak Detector

TLD 2500 Vacuum Lead Dector

JLD 6500 Joint Leak Detector

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