CG625/1250 Pneumatic Tube Cleaning Gun

Combined brush or drill with steady stream of water to fight harsh deposits


Product Details

The Tube Cleaning Gun turns a special brush or drill coupled to a hollow rigid shaft while supplying a stream of water to flush out deposits and increase drilling speed. The water flow is adjustable as needed.

Moderately plugged tubes can be cleaned with our Metal or Nylon brushes. Severely plugged tubes are first drilled out using either an Arrow or Carbide tip drill then followed up with a brush to remove the remaining deposits and "Polish" the tube. The hollow shaft extension tubes can be provided in 2' length increments up to 8', extensions are added to provide the total length needed. Adding extensions is fast and easy.

Each kit is provided with the following:

• 1 ea - Cleaning Gun
• 1 ea - Storage Case
• 2 ea - 10' hoses for air and water connections
• 1 ea - Drive Coupling
• 1 ea - Arrow drill & Brush of your size choice


Arrow Point Metal Tip


Carbide Drill Tip


Carbide Twist Tip

Cleaning Gun Accessories Chart