With self-threading Metal Threaded Tapered Plugs, a temporary tank or pipe leak fix can be as easy as:

1. Drilling a uniform hole where the leak is.

2. Tightening the plug in the hole with a hex or socket wrench. - Welding plug in place is also an option at the operators discretion.

Threaded Metal Tapered Tube Plugs

A Fast and Simple Way to Stop Leaks in Tanks and Pipes

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USA Industries' threaded metal tapered plugs offer a quick, cost-effective, engineered solution to leak repairs in your boilers, tanks and pipe lines. In the past, you would have to shut down the unit, patch and weld over a leak, or try and seal it by some other time-consuming, costly means. Now you can drill a uniform hole where the leak is originating, and tighten USA Industries' threaded tapered plug into the leaking hole using a simple hex or socket wrench. Take advantage of this self-tapping plug today and reduce downtime, save money and hassle.

Don't let a tiny leak cost you thousands of dollars in downtime. Threaded tapered plugs allow you to save time & money by temporarily fixing leaks in your tanks and pipes until your next turnaround when you can properly service your unit.

USA Industries has been a leader in offering plug solutions to users in the oil & gas, chemical and power industries since 1982. We have more than 500,000 plugs in stock and ready to ship, and our production capabilities exceed 5,000 plugs per day, more than 20 materials and any coatings you may require.


  • Quick and cost-effective solution prevents more expensive fixes
  • Self-tapping plug installs with a standard hex wrench or socket
  • Manufactured with heat-treated alloy steel or stainless steel
  • In-stock items ship within 24 hours

BWG Tube Sizing Chart

Threaded Metal Tapered Plug Specifications
Hole Sizes Up to: Part No. "A" Large End "B" Hex Size (in.)
0.350 TTP-375 0.365 3/8"
0.450 TTP-500 0.480 1/2"
0.580 TTP-625 0.615 5/8"
0.710 TTP-750 0.730 3/4"
0.835 TTP-875 0.855 7/8"
0.950 TTP-1000 0.975 1"
1.150 TTP-1125 1.100 1-1/8"
1.200 TTP-1250 1.220 1-1/4"
1.320 TTP-1375 1.345 1-3/8"
1.450 TTP-1500 1.470 1-1/2"

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