Threaded Metal Tapered Tube Plugs

A Fast and Simple Way to Stop Leaks in Tanks and Pipes


USA Industries' Threaded Metal Tapered Tube Plugs offer a quick, cost-effective, engineered solution to leak repairs in your boilers, tanks and pipe lines. In the past, you would have to shut down the unit, patch and weld over a leak, or try and seal it by some other time-consuming, costly means. Now you can drill a uniform hole where the leak is originating, and tighten USA Industries' threaded tapered plug into the leaking hole using a simple hex or socket wrench. Take advantage of this self-tapping plug today and reduce downtime, save money and hassle.

Don't let a tiny leak cost you thousands of dollars in downtime. Threaded tapered plugs allow you to save time & money by temporarily fixing leaks in your tanks and pipes until your next turnaround when you can properly service your unit.


  • Quick and cost-effective solution prevents more expensive fixes
  • Self-tapping plug installs with a standard hex wrench or socket
  • Manufactured with heat-treated alloy steel or stainless steel
  • In-stock items ship within 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions