Low & High Pressure Expandable Tube Plugs

Get "Performance Under Pressure" with Expandable Low & High Pressure Rubber Tube Plugs

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Ideal for use when temporarily or permanently plugging your heat exchanger, boiler or condenser tubes. USA Industries' expanding tube plugs excel in low- and high-pressure environments, are tested to withstand pressure up to 150 PSI, are resistant to oil & gasoline, thrive in temperatures from -45°F to 300°F, are easy to install with just a socket wrench, and are reusable and long-lasting with proper care.

Available in both internal seal and flanged seal configurations, you can get the expandable plug that fits your exact product needs. If you're working on a unit that creates a vacuum, our flanged seal expandable tube plug has a flange on the outer side of the plug that allows it to sit flush on the tubesheet, preventing any inward movement. Conversely, if your desired setup includes placing a tube plug at an exact location inside the tube, our internal seal plugs are ideal.

Both internal and flanged seal expanding plugs are available in single- or double-seal configurations. For maximum sealing effectiveness, we recommend our double-seal expanding tube plugs. All expansion plugs are made of neoprene and rated to 150 PSI when installed properly. Safety lanyards can be installed (at an additional cost) to assure operator's protection.

Grade K-2247-CF, ASTM-BC 412 45+/-5 Durometer hardness
Note: Always puncture the tube before installing any plug to ensure that pressure cannot build up in the tube and cause the plugs to loosen or blow out.


  • Resistant to oil and gasoline
  • Easy to use and reusable with proper maintenance
  • Rated to 150 PSI with proper installation
  • Optional safety lanyards installed upon request
  • In-stock items ship within 24 hours

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