EZ Torque® Gaskets for Header Plugs

Kammprofile Gaskets Prevent Deformation, Thread Galling & Shear in your Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

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USA Industries designed the EZ Torque® Kammprofile Gasket (also called Camprofile Gasket) to provide a positive seal affected by less than half the installation torque required for traditional flat heat exchanger gaskets. The EZ Torque Kammprofile Gasket consists of a serrated metal core with a bonded layer of graphite on each surface. This construction allows for focused and distributed forces, greatly increasing the ability of the gasket to properly seal against surface imperfections, eliminating expensive re-machining costs, as well as requiring significantly less torque.


  • Virtually eliminates field remachining
  • Seals evenly against surface imperfections
  • Prevents damage from over-torquing
  • Can be used with your existing header plugs
  • Confidentally seal high pressure applications
  • Pass leak tests on first attempt!
  • Same-day shipment on in-stock sizes

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