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USA Industries' paddle spacer blind allows you to easily swap between closing off and opening a section of the pipe for maintenance. Single paddle blinds or line blanks are positive shut-off devices that prevent flow through a pipeline. Paddle spacer blinds or ring spacers are used to fill the space of single blinds when they are removed from the piping system.

With space, weight, and other pipeline requirements permitting, it may be more convenient and cost-effective in specific situations to use a spectacle blind. These blinds are a combination of the two that can be rotated to function as a single blind or a ring spacer depending on your current need.

Because we manufacture our own paddle spacer and blind sets, we will make them to your exact customized needs. Blinds are available from 0.5" to 96", from 150# to 2500# ASME rating and in any material or with any finish. All blinds are stamped with line size and flange rating, and ground to provide smooth edges. We offer serrated (125 / 250 RMS typical) or mill finishes by default, as well as the option between flat face, raised face, octagonal, or RTJ flanges, and material options include Carbon Steel, 304 and 316 Stainless steel and more. All in-stock orders ship within 24 hours.

Need something custom? USA Industries will customize our blinds to your exact specifications and meet our strict ISO 9001:2015 quality-assurance program.


  • Prevent issues during maintenance due to pipe spreading
  • Available in Line sizes up to 96"
  • Any alloy, pressure rating, thickness, and coating is available
  • We will manufacture all paddle spacers blinds to your specifications


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