VLD-2500 Vacuum Leak Detector

Reliably pinpoint tube leaks in heat exchanger tubes within seconds!

Heat exchanger tubes are essential components in systems used for heating, cooling, and energy transfer processes across industries such as power generation, chemical processing, HVAC, and petroleum refining. The VLD-2500 Vacuum Leak Detector plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and efficiency of heat exchanger tubes. Simply seal one end of the tube with a rubber plug or a t-handle with a nozzle, then insert the detector into the tube to be tested and press the trigger. If there's a leak, the VLD-2500 detects it with high precision and reliability. The VLD-2500 includes a filter system to stop debris from blocking the tool.


Testing heat exchanger tubes using vacuum leak detectors offers several benefits. Firstly, it helps prevent energy losses and inefficiencies associated with leaking tubes, ensuring optimal heat transfer performance and reducing operational costs. Additionally, it enhances system reliability and longevity by identifying potential points of failure early on, minimizing the risk of costly downtime and repairs. Moreover, vacuum leak detection is a non-destructive testing method that can be performed without disrupting normal operations, enabling proactive maintenance and troubleshooting of heat exchanger systems. By incorporating vacuum leak detection into regular maintenance routines, industries can uphold stringent quality standards, regulatory compliance, and environmental stewardship initiatives.

  • Easy-to-use vacuum leak detector
  • Detects leaks in tubes sized 1/4" to 3" OD almost instantly
  • Operates with standard plant air pressure of 70 psi to 100 psi
  • Includes flexible nozzles for effortless tube sealing