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EZ Vent® Blind (Bleeder/Drain Blind)

Our Blinds Make Downstream Work Safer by Venting Off Dangerous Pressure / Fluids - Available to Rent or Own.

USA Industries' EZ Vent® bleeder blind is similar to a paddle blind, with one major difference, typical paddle blinds block flow on both sides of your flange, which can lead to pressure or fluid building up on one side of the flange, but this ventable blind allows you to block flow on one side of the blind while allowing access to relieve or purge the other side. As a result, downstream work is much safer in the event of a leaking valve upstream.

The EZ Vent bleeder blind, also called Vented Blind Flanges, Vented Paddle Blinds, Vent Blinds, Bleeder Blinds and Ported Blinds, is useful when there is not a valve on your piping at a location near where you are working. A ventable blind is the easiest way to verify that there is zero energy in the line, to vent off any pressure that has leaked by upstream valves, or to create an entry point for hydrotesting.

Note: USA Industries places all NPTs 180° from the handle. Typical installation would have the handle pointing up, and the port draining down out the bottom. If you need custom placement of your NPT port from the handle of your bleeder blind you will need to specify it when you order the product.

We can demo the product for you

Request an EZ Vent product demo and one of our product specialists will come out to your site and show you how to increase safety in your plant or facility without increasing the time it takes to finish the job.


  • Block one side of the flange while venting the other side
  • Verify line pressure
  • Relieve line pressure
  • Easy entry point for hydrotesting
  • Testing point for hydrocarbons and other gases
  • Multiple ports can be added; venting one or both sides
  • Available in Ring Type Joint, and with NPT or SW ports
  • Blind can be rated (with additional thickness for vent)
  • Available as a spectacle or paddle blind


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