Restriction Orifice Unions

1/4" to 2" Socket-Weld or Female NPT Threads Restriction Orifice Unions Bored to Your Specifications

Restriction Orifice Unions

Restriction Orifice Unions feature one-piece stainless steel orifice plates shaped to match the union seat (ball to cone), eliminating the need for gaskets. The plates can be configured as recessed, pressed, or pressed with a tab, allowing easy identification of the orifice size without disassembling the union.


  • Designed for simple plate replacement
  • Available in both Female NPT and socket-weld connections
  • Seals will not loosen, even under extreme pressure
  • Available with or without tabs for easy identification
  • In-stock items ship within 24 hours

These unions are stocked in carbon and stainless steel bodies with pressure ratings of 3,000 PSIG. They come in line sizes ranging from 1/4" to 2" and offer female NPT or socket-weld connections. Non-standard sizes and materials are quickly produced upon request.


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