Hydrostatic Test & Isolation Pipe Plugs

Engineered Isolation and hydrostatic test plugs ensure the integrity and safety of piping systems and related equipment.

GSST Outboard Retraction Blocking (ORB)
High Pressure Plug

GSST Double Block & Bleed (DBB)
High Pressure Plug

GSST Reverse Pressure
Inboard Insertion Blocking (IIB)
High Pressure Plug

Standard Double Block & Bleed
Low Pressure Plug

Flange Weld Test Plug
Medium - High Pressure Plug

Heavy Duty Isolation Plug
Low Pressure Plug

Inflatable Pipe Plug
Low Pressure Plug

Wing Nut Expansion Plug
Low Pressure Plug

Foreman Expansion Plug
Low Pressure Plug

Grip Type Plug
High Pressure Plug


We manufacture and carry various hydrostatic pipeline plug designs, including expansion plugs, and mechanical plugs, among others. While pipe plugs may serve different purposes depending on the operator's application, they are classified as pipe fittings due to their function within piping systems.

Hydrostatic testing is a crucial quality assurance measure, especially during pipeline construction, maintenance, or repairs, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations while enhancing safety and reliability.

  • Safeguard Your Workers.
  • Preserve Your Capital Assets.
  • Minimize Plant Downtime with USA Industries' gripping and mechanical expansion isolation and testing pipe plugs. These plugs simplify the pressure testing and isolation process by removing the need for time-consuming welding or cutting of piping end caps.

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