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Rapid Delivery of Hex Plugs / UNF Plugs for Fin-Fans® and Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

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USA Industries is the preferred supplier for many of the world's largest power plants, refineries, and chemical facilities when it comes to Header Plugs.

Header Plugs, also referred to as Shoulder or UNF Plugs, are threaded plugs specifically designed for use in fin-fan® heat exchangers. Fin-fans*, also recognized as air-cooled heat exchangers, are essential devices utilized to extract heat from process fluids by transferring it to the surrounding air.

Our strength lies in our rapid production capabilities, swift turnaround times, and adaptability to manufacture plugs in nearly any combination of metals (including carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, and brass as standard), coatings (such as cadmium, electroless nickel, galvanized, nickel, zinc, or uncoated), and sizes.

For the world's largest industrial facilities, halting a shutdown or turnaround for a small part of a heat exchanger is not feasible. We have the capacity to manufacture over 1,000 header plugs / shoulder plugs daily for your fin-fan, maintaining high quality and adhering to your precise specifications, with shipping available 24/7!

The next time you require plugs for your fin-fan, reach out to USA Industries. Our in-stock plugs and gaskets can be shipped on the same day!

Order plugs and gaskets together and save!

*Fin-fan is a registered trademark of Hudson Products.



  • Available in 20+ metals and coatings
  • Production capacity of 1,000+ plugs daily
  • Rapid turnaround on custom sizes / materials
  • Same-day shipment on in-stock sizes

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