TLD-2500 Tube Leak Detector - Leak Testing Gun

Quick and safe pressure testing of 7 to 8 tubes per minute!

USA Industries Tube Leak Detector (TLD)

Product Description

Finds leaks by pressurizing the tube with air while plugging the other end. Insert guns into the tube to be tested. Actuate pressurizing gun by depressing the trigger, the plugging gun seals automatically when pressurizing. After supply pressure is reached, or 100 PSIG (whichever is less), release trigger. If the pressure holds, the tube is OK; if it drops, the tube is leaking - Simple.

Tube leak detectors are crucial for maintaining the efficiency and safety of heat exchangers, as leaks can lead to loss of product, energy inefficiency, environmental contamination, and potential equipment failure. They play a vital role in preventive maintenance and ensuring the reliability of industrial processes.


  • Interchangeable seal sets allow testing of wide range of IDs.
  • Uses standard plant air supplies from 70 psi to 100 psi.
  • Silent during use and ergonomic design makes testing effortless.
  • Quick and safe pressure testing of 7 to 8 tubes per minute.