One Rev Internal Tube Cutter & Replacement Bits

Cut or puncture the inside of your tubes quick and easily

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Product Description

USA Industries' One Rev internal tube cutters are used to cut or puncture the inside of a heat exchanger, boiler or condenser's tube quick and easily. The cutting of the internal tube prior to inserting tube plugs completely removes the danger of having a tube plug ejected under high pressure, which can be extremely dangerous, even lethal.

The One Rev Tube Cutter can also be utilized to completely cut ferrous or copper tubes (can include non-ferrous light wall tubes) on one end prior to tube removal.

Used with a wrench, simply adjust the depth collar stop so the cutter bit is past the tube sheet, then rotate in a clockwise direction. After the bit starts cutting the internal tube, make 1/4 revolution to puncture or one full revolution to cut.

USA Industries One Rev Internal Tube Cutter

Product Features

• Available for 1/2" thru 2-1/2" tubes of all gauges.
• Standard reach of 10", longer reaches available.
• Bits are made from high quality tool steel and hardened to provide the maximum cutting edge retention.
• Available for 1/2" thru 2-1/2" tube cutters.
• Directly interchangeable with Airetool Bits.

Order product number by the following:

For Complete Cutter: OR-T-(Tube O.D.)-(Tube Gauge) Example: OR-T-0750-14
For Cutter Bits: OR-C-BIT-(Tube O.D.) Example: OR-C-BIT-.75

(Example is for 3/4" 14 gauge tube)

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