Low Pressure Inflatable Pipe Plug

Pneumatic Pipe Plugs are the Most Flexible and Have the Greatest Range of Sizes - Available to rent or purchase.


USA Industries' Inflatable Pipe Plug, also known as a pipe balloon plug, or pressure test balloon, expands to temporarily isolate pipes during repairs, or in the event of a spill. We offer them in line sizes from 2" through 72". They are easy to use, and easy to install.

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The innovative design allows the pneumatic isolation plug to be smaller and more flexible which means it can be snaked through hot tap or branch pipes into larger pipelines that are otherwise inaccessible. Inflatable pipe plugs can inflate up to 8 times their compact size to prevent the flow of liquids during maintance work or to block pipes or drains in the event of a spill (connects with your air compressor). The compact size also means that this pneumatic plug takes up minimal storage.

  • Canvas outer shell with rubber bladder inside
  • Heat resistant materials are safe for use up to 140° F
  • Includes pressure gauge and 2’ hose. Longer hoses are available upon request
  • Expandable design conforms to a wide range of pipe diameters (I.D.); inflate partially or fully according to your application needs
  • When renting or purchasing, as an example, an 8" plug should be used on an 8" pipe
  • Ideally suited for short-term use
  • NOTE: We do not recommend these be used for holding back-pressure*

*If holding backpressure is a requirement, ask us about our new and exclusive GripSafe® plugs, or one of our other low to high pressure rated high quality plugs

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