Bleeder Cleaner / Rod Out Tool

Clean clogged bleed, drain, vent & instrument tap valves safely and efficiently. Gulf Coast same day delivery capability.


Introducing Bleeder Cleaners, also known as rod out tools, orifice cleaners, or tap reamers. These tools efficiently clean clogged bleed, drain, vent, and instrument tap valves during normal operations, ensuring safe and contained cleaning without product releases. Rated up to 1000° F and 1,000 PSIG, they come in four model types.

The new generation bleeder cleaners allow field-replacement of parts, eliminating the need for factory maintenance. They prevent exposure, vapor releases, explosions, and fires when clearing bleeder valves, vents, drains, and instrument taps during normal operations.


  • Available in 4 configurations - 90º angle, 135º angle, straight rod or flexible shaft
  • With proper care, Everlast drill bits are indestructible
  • Our tool, used correctly, eliminates dangerous product releases
  • Rod Out Tools are rated up to 1000° F and 1,000 PSIG
  • All components conform to ANSI, ASME, ASTM Standards for Dimensions and are manufactured under our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Program
  • In-stock items ship within 24 hours

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