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Spectacle blinds, alternatively known as spectacle flanges and figure-8 blinds, offer a temporary or permanent means of isolating or bypassing sections of pipelines or vessels. They comprise two metal discs connected by a handle, resembling a pair of spectacles. While one disc is solid, the other features a hole or opening, enabling flow through the system when aligned with the pipe or vessel. We manufacture our figure-8 blinds from single machined metal pieces, eliminating the need for separate paddle blinds and spacers during pipe maintenance isolation.

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  • We manufacture our spectacle blind flanges in-house, ranging from 1/2" to 96" and from 150# to 2500# classes.
  • They are produced in strict accordance with the following codes of practice: ASME B16.48 • ASME B16.5 • ASME B16.20 • ASME B16.47 (For larger diameter flanges)
  • We stamp each spec blind with the line size and flange rating, featuring smooth ground edges.
  • We offer finish options including serrated (125 / 250 RMS) or mill.
  • Flange face options comprise flat face, raised face, octagonal, or RTJ.
  • In-stock orders ship within 24 hours.

For custom requirements, USA Industries offers tailored solutions under our ISO 9001:2015 quality-assurance program.

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