Spectacle Blinds or Figure 8 Blind Flanges

USA Industries Inc. Spectacle Blinds

Also called a Spectacle Blind Flange, Spec Blind, Paddle Blind & Spacer set and more. We make them in any size, rating or alloy

A spectacle blind is typically installed as a permanent safety device and placed between two pipe flanges. USA Industries' spectacle blinds are manufactured as a single piece of machined metal and eliminates the need for having a seperate paddle blind and paddle spacer set to isolate your pipe during maintenance or repairs.

Spectacle Blinds are most often mounted in the open position, which allows fluids or gases to flow freely. Consequently, to isolate a section of pipe in order to restrict flow of fluids or gases, all of the flange bolts holding the Spectacle Blind in postion must first be loosened. Subsequently, by rotating the blind from the open spacer side to the blank or closed side, this simple manuever closes the pipe and prevents flow, thereby isolating your pipe for repairs or maintenance procedures.  Simultaneously, this step also visually identifies that the pipe is closed.


Since we manufacture our blinds in-house, we will make them from 0.5" to 96", and from 150# to 2500# ASME rating. Likewise, each blind is stamped with the line size and flange rating, and is ground with smooth edges. Moreover, we offer serrated (125 / 250 RMS) or mill finishes. Flanges face options are flat face, raised face, octagonal, or RTJ. Material options include carbon steel, 304 & 316 stainless steels and more. All in-stock orders ship within 24 hours.

Need something custom? USA Industries will customize our all of our blinds to your exact specifications and adhere to our ISO 9001:2015 quality-assurance program.


  • Prevents Blind / Ring Spacer Loss
  • Prevents Issues During Maintenance Due to Pipe Spreading
  • Available in sizes 1/2" to 96"
  • Any Alloy, Pressure Rating, Thickness and Coating Available
  • Sizes and Thicknesses Meet ASME 16.48, ASME 16.5, ASME B16.47 Specs
  • Same Day Ship/Delivery (Local)
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