Non-Metal [Phenolic / Micarta] Fiber or Wood Tube Plugs

Emergency / Temporary Plugs for Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tubes

Wood or Fiber Tube Plugs Hero Image


USA Industries' offers a variety of non-metal tube plugs for use in emergency situations or for temporary plugging of a condenser, boiler or Fin-Fan® heat exchanger / air cooler. Wood plugs are constructed from wooden fiber rods and are available in either phenolic or micarta.

Both types of non-metal tube plugs install with a simple tap of a rubber mallet and expand upon contact with water. The result of these material compositions is a simple and effective installation process that provides an excellent seal, requires minimal manpower and time, and will not damage your tube sheet.

We have more than 500,000 plugs in stock and ready to ship, and our production capabilities exceed 5,000 plugs per day, more than 20 materials and any coatings you may require. If you need a custom size or material, please contact us today.

A SPECIAL WORD OF CAUTION: It is also important to remember that fiber tube plugs (wood, micarta or phenolic) should never be subjected to temperatures exceeding 230°F (110°C).


  • Available in wood or fiber (phenolic or micarta)
  • Safe, easy to use, corrosion resistant, and easily removed
  • Non-metal plugs expand when wet to effectively seal your tubes
  • In-stock items ship within 24 hours