Wing Nut Plumber's Pipe Plug

Plumber's Type Plugs are Ideal for Isolating Pipes up to 24" - Available to rent or purchase.


Do you need a quick and easy seal on your pipe, tube or round hole? USA Industries' Wing Nut Plumber's Type Isolation Plugs are just what you're looking for. These plugs use neoprene seals with die cast bodies, and are available in line sizes 2" through 24". This plug is rated to hold back pressure up to 13 PSIG and is available with or without upstream venting capabilities.

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  • A low-pressure, ported test plug
  • Ideal to seal pipes, tubes & round holes
  • Available in line sizes up to 24"
  • In stock sizes ship within 24 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

A Critical Reminder: Conducting pressure testing poses significant hazards, demanding strict adherence to safety protocols. Ensure all connections, valves, flanges, and fittings are suitable for pressure testing. Verify the compatibility of line ID & Plug Range. Most importantly, never position yourself in front of a test plug or enclosure during testing. Discharge from a plug during testing could result in severe injury or fatality.