Effectively test radial, hoop and longitudinal integrity of welded flange-to-pipe connections using USA's reverse pressure Inboard Insertion Blocking plug

GSST Reverse Pressure Inboard Insertion Blocking (IIB)

GSST Reverse Pressure Inboard Insertion Blocking (IIB)

*4” Schedules 120, 160 and XXH – all other 4” schedules employ the larger body style
 **Larger sizes and custom configurations available upon request.


  • Innovative Patented Technology Outperforms Traditional Designs of the Past Six Decades
  • 21 Patents Registered in the US & Internationally
  • 7 Trademarks Registered in the US & Internationally
  • Additional Patents Pending in the USA & Internationally
  • Seven Years Dedicated to Research & Development with In-House Engineering
  • Expertise Sixty-Seven Years of Combined Engineering Experience from Our Professional Industrial Design Team
  • Conducted Over 4,000 Load & Pressure Tests
  • Five Years of Demonstrated Success in the Field
  • Thorough Validation Testing of Design
  • GripSafe ST Positioned to Become the New Industry Standard with Confidence


"GripSafe plugs have been valuable assets on the LNGC site. The quick and easy installation, use, and removal of the plugs have made testing plain end pipe simple. The Lifting Device makes rigging of the larger plugs into position fast, convenient, and safe. The design of the grippers leave little to no marks inside the pipe. Torque values and plug info on the front plate makes plug identification and double-checking for the right plug usage easy. Overall, the GripSafe plugs are an excellent product."

T. Read / Hydro Foreman,
S. Daigle | Global EPC Company


Temperature Range

  • -10° to 170°F - Continuous
  • 200°F - Intermittent
  • Industry Compliance

  • ASME B16.5, ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3
  • Meets ASME PCC-2-2018 standards