Paddle Blinds, Blind Flanges & Blind Storage Racks

We are one of the largest manufacturers & suppliers of paddle blinds & blind flanges, and patented paddle blind storage racks on the Gulf Coast. Texas and Louisiana same day hot shot delivery capability.

  • MTR'S available
  • Series "A" & Series "B" stocked
  • Any thicknes, rating & alloy available
  • Carbon steel blinds coated with black primer
  • Rapid custom machining capability
  • Pickup or Delivery
  • Standard Materials
  • SA516 Gr.70
  • 304 SS & 316 SS
  • Paddle Blinds & Blind Flanges are produced in strict accordance to the codes below:
  • ASME B16.48 • ASME B16.47 (>24") • ASME B16.5 • ASME B16.2
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Paddle Blinds

Spectacle Blind

Paddle Spacer

Blind Flange

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EZ Purge Slip Blind

EZ Vent-Purge Slip Blind

EZ Guillotine Slip Blind

EZ Lock Blind Rack

PSV Rack

Paddle Blind Thickness Chart

Pipe Schedule Chart

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