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Snap It Jr. Tube Plugs

Snap It Sr. Tube Plugs

Snap It Tools Kit

We offer a complete installation and removal kit for rental which includes tube brushes, hydraulic ram, pull rod assembly, channel head pull rod assemblies, extension sets, and plug removal tools.

Snap It® Near &
Far End
Plugging Manual

Snap It® Custom Usage Application Form

USA Industries Snap It® engineered tube plugs are the ultimate for speed of installation, performance, reliability and safety.

  • Ideal for medium and high pressure applications

  • Maximum Pressure: up to 7,000 PSI (Sr. models)

  • Requires NO Welding

  • NO Damage to tubesheet

  • Materials: Stainless, Carbon Steel, Brass, Titanium, and more

  • Lot Tested and Strict Quality Assurance Controls

  • ASME PCC-2 Compliant

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USA Industries Snap It® Plug, Tools & Accessories Training Series

1 – Introducing USA Industries Snap It® Plug Installation & Removal Tools Kit

2 – Assembling Tools Contained in USA Industries Snap It® Plug Installation & Removal Kit

3 – Brushing & Piercing Heat Exchanger Tube Using USA Industries Snap It Tools

4 – Near End Installation of USA Industries Snap It Jr. Plug in Heat Exchanger

5 – Removal of USA Industries Snap It® Jr. Plug from Tube

6 – Through-The-Tube or Far End Plugging of USA Industries Snap It® Jr. Plug

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