Fast Shot Tube Cleaning Gun

A steady stream of water, combined with brush or drill to fight harsh deposits


USA Industries' Fast Shot is ideal for removing mud, slime, silt, barnacles, algae, spores, mussels and more!

Product Details

The Fast Shot Tube Cleaning Gun uses a combination of water and air pressure to propel a brush, or a fiber or plastic scrubber through the tube for the purpose of cleaning it. The Brush or Scrubber is inserted into the tubes to be cleaned, the nozzle of the Gun is inserted into the tubes and a single trigger operates both water and air simultaneously. The water valve is set to operate slightly ahead of the air valve. This produces a quantity of water in and around the brush prior to the full blast of air and water which propels it the entire length of the tube. Due to the design of the nozzle, air and water is forced through the tube in the form of a whirling spray. Various air and water pressure combinations may be selected to suit the application of the gun.

Shoot Thru Brushes 5/8" - 1" I.D.