Grip Type High Pressure Test Plug

Test Plug for High-Pressure Hydrostatic Testing of Pipe, Pipelines and Pressure Vessels - Available to rent or purchase.

USA Industries, Inc. Grip Type High Pressure Test Plug

Isolate & test sections of pipe without the need for flanges! The standard plugs can be used for test pressures up to 3,000 PSIG, in line sizes from 1/2" to 24", and schedules 40 or 80 pipe. This test plug is held in place as the steel threads grip tight with neoprene seals - all by tightening one compression nut!

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Grip Type High Pressure Pipe Plug Benefits:

High-pressure pipe testing is safer than ever before, thanks to USA Industries' Grip Type High-Pressure Pipe Plug. Unlike other plugs that can loosen and eject under high pressure - even becoming dangerous projectiles - the Grip Type Test Plug actually uses test pressure to seal more securely against the pipe's inner diameter. The greater the pressure - the tighter the grip! The result is safer installation, better sealing and all around safer testing.

Fast, Easy, Safe Testing:
  • Eliminates costly, time consuming practice of welding end caps. Plugs install quickly and are reusable.
High Pressure Performance:
  • These plugs grip tightly, meaning operating pressures are limited by the strength of your pipe, not the test plug.
Engineered Seal Design:
  • Reduces seal wear for long-lasting performance.
Superior Plug Design:
  • Positional washer prevents plug loss & eliminates plug lock-up after hydrotest, common with inferior designs.
Simple Maintenance:
  • Replacement seals and grippers are readily available and easy to replace.
Quality Assurance Standard:
  • Manufactured under a Quality Assurance Program certified to ISO 9001
Industry-Leading Turnaround Time:
  • 1/2" to 24" in Sch 40 and 80 (DN15 to DN600) sizes are typically in-stock and ship same day.

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