Rhino Jr. Collet Puller

Remove up to 10 tubes a minute with minimal effort


Designed for fast removal of all tube types from condensers, heat exchangers and boilers. A rapid stroke allows the removal of up to 10 tubes a minute with minimal operator effort. Gripping and pulling is performed in single operation. Insert puller into the tube and actuate, the jaws will grip the tube ID and pull out the tube.

Rhino Jr. Collet Puller is available in two sizes, the CTP-900 and the CTP-1100. The CTP-900 is designed for use with 5/8" 17 gauge through 1-1/4" 24 gauge tubes. The CTP-1100 is designed for 1 1/2" 10 gauge through 2" 24 gauge tubes.

Choose between pneumatic or electric powered hydraulic pump, and optional spring balancer for weightless support of the tube pulling gun.



Dresser Collet Puller

Our dresser collet pullers will replace and interchange with airetool and dresser pullers. Pullers are available in sizes from 5/8" through 1" tubes in all gauges.

Collet pullers are manufactured by USA Industries to enhance performance while increasing longevity.